A Response to the Questions about my “Fragile Faith” Twitter Post


A few people have contacted me to question why I wrote a Tweet a day or so ago, chastising those who might be antagonistic towards me for bringing a bit of information to their attention that they subsequently claim is just intended to “cut down their faith”.

If your faith is such that it cannot withstand exposure to truth and fact, then it wasn’t that strong to begin with. Do not get mad at me because you think I ruined something that really didn’t ever exist.

It came about for this reason:  the geneaology of Jesus as presented in the Gospels.

In a discussion about the presented “family trees” given for Jesus in the New Testament, the initial conversation between myself and this person (who, out of respect, will go unnamed) began with the debate being the fact that the two lists are different.  And the fact that, as one of the first actions in the Jewish Rebellion of the 60’s CE was to destroy records such as this, the fact that most academic datings for the creation of these gospels having occurred after this record-burning event sort of cast doubt on the ability for either of the Gospel writers to have compiled these lists in the first place.

The point where it turned was my proposal, which was this:

It is a meaningless argument.  Taking into account the Virgin Birth, and the vital role it plays in the person of Jesus, the geneaologies, which go back along Joseph’s bloodline, are worthless, as he was not the father of Jesus.

I can understand one of the immediate problems this presents.  One of the major justifications for the claim that Jesus was the Messiah was his descent along the bloodline of King David, and this bloodline is the one that the lists establish.  But Joseph wasn’t Jesus’ father, if you also hold that Jesus was born to a virgin, Mary.  Therefore, Jesus isn’t of that bloodline descended from King David.  And that point would undermine one of the primary evidences to support the claim that Jesus fulfilled the criteria for the prophesied Messiah set down in the Jewish scriptures.

I can understand how someone who doesn’t want to question anything might not like being presented with this point.  But don’t get mad at me for pointing it out.  I didn’t write the Bible.  I didn’t dictate the qualifications required for someone to be considered the promised Messiah.

I just merely point things out.  And I don’t think I’m entirely in the wrong for holding the position, or hypothesis, stated above.

— R.e. Glenn


One comment on “A Response to the Questions about my “Fragile Faith” Twitter Post

  1. “I just merely point things out. And I don’t think I’m entirely in the wrong for holding the position, or hypothesis, stated above”… If someone merely points out “in their opinion” that you were being a jerk, does it bother you? Just because someone is FAT is it your place to tell them? Does it hurt to let someone believe what they want to, and realize that “your truth” is only really based on the tiny amount of info. that you’ve been able to gather in your short life? Is it more important to “WIN” the argument or is a discussion something you can learn from without having to prove your worth? Sometimes R.e. Glenn, we can learn something that we weren’t even looking to learn (like how or why people believe) if we just listen and think a while before answering. (unlike I just did) 🙂 Peace brother !

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