How Taxes Might Show That Jesus Would’ve Supported Same-Sex Marriage

Thoughts of The Philosopher Monk

Even though that title probably grabbed your attention, and immediate bias, I promise that it wasn’t chosen just for “shock value”, but is the best general way to sum up my thought, and, by the end, whether you agree or not, you’ll understand why it’s the title.

Now, a necessary bit of background:
The Gospel of Mark is generally thought to be the earliest written of the gospels in the New Testament, with Matthew and Luke, and later John, coming after.  Mark, Matthew and Luke are known as the ‘synoptic gospels’ because they are so similar in style and content.  The consensus is that the authors of Matthew and Luke probably sat down with a copy of Mark and a copy of another gospel (usually labeled the “Q” gospel, from the German word for ‘source’: Quelle) and wrote their books from them.  So, if a story is…

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A Response to the Questions about my “Fragile Faith” Twitter Post


A few people have contacted me to question why I wrote a Tweet a day or so ago, chastising those who might be antagonistic towards me for bringing a bit of information to their attention that they subsequently claim is just intended to “cut down their faith”.

If your faith is such that it cannot withstand exposure to truth and fact, then it wasn’t that strong to begin with. Do not get mad at me because you think I ruined something that really didn’t ever exist.

It came about for this reason:  the geneaology of Jesus as presented in the Gospels.

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