The Genealogy of Jesus–A Horizontal Reading


The genealogy of Jesus is listed twice in the New Testament, once in Matthew and again in Luke.  It’s important to list because the descent along the bloodline from King David was a vital qualification for the messiah, just like it was important that the messiah be born, or come from, Bethlehem.  The list in Matthew goes back all the way to Abraham (as founder of Israel).  However, the one in Luke lists the descent all the way back to the first man, Adam.  It’s revealing as to the intent of the authors for how they presented their lists: Matthew was reinforcing and focusing on the aspect of Jesus’ descent from King David, while Luke was presenting and attempting to justify Jesus as a “New Adam”. Continue reading


A Response to the Questions about my “Fragile Faith” Twitter Post


A few people have contacted me to question why I wrote a Tweet a day or so ago, chastising those who might be antagonistic towards me for bringing a bit of information to their attention that they subsequently claim is just intended to “cut down their faith”.

If your faith is such that it cannot withstand exposure to truth and fact, then it wasn’t that strong to begin with. Do not get mad at me because you think I ruined something that really didn’t ever exist.

It came about for this reason:  the geneaology of Jesus as presented in the Gospels.

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