A Dialogue on the Gospel of Thomas


I (R.e. Glenn a.k.a. The Philosopher Monk) was elated to find myself in a discussion today.  I love them.  Civil, open-minded ones, anyway.  And I decided to post it, and to create a new category in this project that will be called “The Dialogues”.  And, it would seem, this is the first one  Continue reading


The Gospel of Thomas


The Gospel of Thomas, and the other gnostic gospels that we now have, was discovered in Egypt in 1945, near a town called Nag Hammadi (hence the name Nag Hammadi Library). Of all the Gospels in that collection, Thomas is considered to be the most important one, and some have suggested that it is a candidate for the theoretical Q gospel that Matthew and Luke, using a copy of Mark and this Q gospel, wrote their gospels with. It’s importance is derived from the fact that a lot of the sayings are found in the canonical (accepted) gospels in the bible, although there is a lot that isnt. Another reason why it is so important, or relevant, is because it’s not a narrative gospel like those found in the Bible, it is a collection of sayings. So, if authentic, (and it has been dated back to the early Christian centuries (the copy they found in Nag Hammadi is written in a language called Coptic, and they know that the copy we have was a copy and translation from greek, which most accept was the language that the gospel was originally written in, just like the New Testament Gospels were written in Greek. Continue reading

A Response to the Questions about my “Fragile Faith” Twitter Post


A few people have contacted me to question why I wrote a Tweet a day or so ago, chastising those who might be antagonistic towards me for bringing a bit of information to their attention that they subsequently claim is just intended to “cut down their faith”.

If your faith is such that it cannot withstand exposure to truth and fact, then it wasn’t that strong to begin with. Do not get mad at me because you think I ruined something that really didn’t ever exist.

It came about for this reason:  the geneaology of Jesus as presented in the Gospels.

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